Ibrahim Šuta

An experienced Software Engineer with in-depth experience developing web applications for both front-end and back-end. I am highly proficient in developing web applications using following technologies: ASP.NET Core, React, Angular, Angular.js, ASP.NET, Node.js.

I am extremely passionate, goal-oriented and highly motivated team player. Always looking into ways to improve me and the team, and to affect others positively, working on self-development constantly.

I focus on making the process that can successfully and transparently deliver optimal results in a given timeframe, clearly and concisely facilitating the communication process between business and development teams.

I am also part of several freelancing platforms, including Toptal, arc() and Codementor.

During my free time, I enjoy listening to audio books, playing tennis, cycling, hiking, jogging and taking long walks. I like to spend some quality and mindful time with my family and friends. When I get some extra time, I love to play a few games of speed chess or some video games.


  • Software Architect, Software Engineer, Software Consultant

    Freelance work

    December 2015 - Present

    Built MVPs from scratch and made the existing MVPs usable and production-ready in short time-frames.

    Planned the architecture; including high-level planning and designing systems.

    Configured CI/CD processes from scratch; including Azure, DigitalOcean, Heroku and private Linux servers.

    Consulted, guided, and mentored teammates and clients.

    Developed software and custom solutions.

    Designed architecture and implemented ASP.NET Core and Web API applications.

    Managed and created environments on Azure for the enterprise application from scratch.

    Migrated an enterprise project from ASP.NET on .NET 4.7 to .NET Core 2.2, .NET Core 3 and finally to .NET Core 3.1.

    Implemented Authentication system with Identity Server, ASP.NET Core 3 and Angular.

    Technologies: .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Azure, SignalR, Entity Framework Core, React, AngularJS/Angular, AWS, Heroku, Node.js, MongoDB, Meteor, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, Entity Framework, MS SQL

  • Software Engineer

    September 2016 - December 2017

    Worked with startups. Two of them were projects from scratch and one was an unusable application that needed code overhauling and working payment system.

    Created a configurable generic tent-configurator from scratch in few weeks. Constructed a cross-platform automation tool in Electron.

    Enabled, on one of the projects, the application to be usable and production-ready within a very short span of time; I had arrived a few weeks before the release.

    Built the payment process flow.

    Mentored and provided guidance and reviews for other projects.

    Developed both the front- and back-ends and worked on applications throughout the entire SDLC.

    Designed and architected applications.

    Planned the architecture and configured CI/CD.

    Technologies: React, AngularJS, Meteor, TypeScript, jQuery, Node.js, Heroku, Jenkins, Electron

  • Software Engineer

    Maestral Solutions, Inc.

    May 2015 - September 2016

    Led a team of six people, mentored and performed code reviews for other developers. Worked directly with a client on the requirements and specs.

    Configured CI/CD with Azure, Octopus Deploy, and TeamCity.

    Improved performance for an application that had over 5,000,000 of records.

    Transformed a crudely mocked MVP into a usable and production-ready product.

    Implemented integration with various social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Yelp, etc.

    Developed, architected, reviewed, and designed projects.

    Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, JavaScript, .NET, AngularJS, jQuery, Azure, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy

  • Software Developer

    Authority Partners, Inc.

    July 2013 - May 2015

    Served as a full-stack developer for distributed enterprise applications as a part of the full development lifecycle.

    Helped to properly rebuild the old application with a new stack (AngularJS and TypeScript).

    Deployed and maintained enterprise web applications in production.

    Worked on SOAP, XML, REST services, post-page, and similar integrations with more than 15 external services and systems (fraud detection, credit, appraisal, loan pricing, underwriting, SMS, email, and more).

    Developed the front-end and back-end and worked on applications throughout the entire SDLC.

    Worked on a huge enterprise project that was building very first fully online loan processing platform.

    Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, Web API 2, LINQ, jQuery, AngularJS, ADO.NET, T-SQL, ASP.NET Web Forms, Entity Framework, TFS, HTML, CSS, WWF

  • Software Developer | Administrator

    Various Clients

    January 2011 - December 2015

    Developed for the web and desktop.

    Maintained and developed legacy gaming platform.

    Served as an administrator and manager of a few platforms including websites, systems, and servers.

    Technologies: C#, JavaScript, Linux, Administration

  • Owner | Software Developer | Administrator (Development)

    Self Employed

    September 2005 - February 2008

    Created a mobile web portal from scratch. The portal was built around a chat, forum, a top rating list, ads, referrals, and downloads. The portal had over 100 000 visits every month.

    Helped the owners of a few top regional sites with their websites and programming tasks.

    Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, WML, HTML, CSS



Web Development

Custom Software Development

Building and transforming MVPs

C#, ASP.NET Core







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